About us

Industrial Inkjet Product and Business Development

„Inkjet Consulting Christiaens“ is …

a specialized technical consulting professional focussing his services on inkjet printing processes, product and business development, supporting his customers to achieve their print goals.

Inkjet Consulting Christiaens (iJC) helps in selecting or specifying the suited inkjet printing  equipment or components (RIP Software, inks, print engine, drying technology, substrates, treatments, primers, lacquers) to your requirements. iJC defines, together with his customers, an in depth specification sheet including all process parameters, resulting in a clear project overview which sets clearly defined milestones and effort per project phase.

„Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.“ –Michael Jordan

The LMNS Expert Group and Inkjet Consulting jointly cover the range of challenges in a growing industry such as inkjet.