The UV LED community is increasing its number of members in Europe

In just a few years, the UV LED Community has reached over 100 members. This shows the growing interest and the acceptance of UV LED technology in a wide range of applications. Now is getting some additional support in Europe to increase its reach and to promote the adoption of UV LED technology.

Members who join the Community are key players in advocating for of UV LED in various fields. Members include suppliers of materials, resins, photo-initiators, adhesives, inks, coatings, equipment, measurement and end-systems. These companies have the common goal of accelerating the adoption of the LED curing technology through education and knowledge sharing.

Following the rapid growth of UV LED solutions in Europe, the UV LED Community will now be supported locally by Jochen Christiaens, European site editor. Jochen will be assisting local suppliers and manufacturers to promote the community site and grow the number of new members (membership is free to qualified suppliers and end users of LED technology).

The Community website is an educational forum that enables participants to share their knowledge of UV LED curing technologies, applications and chemistry, as well as to exchange news and information.

The Community has two primary goals:
• To provide a forum for UV LED curing conversations.
• To foster communication between suppliers and consumers of UV LED solutions.

“As an advocate of UV LED curing technology for years, I have been involved in the development of various inkjet printing projects for over 15 years. It is a great pleasure and honor to be part of educating the market and support the UV LED technology, and help growing the community web site,” said European site editor Jochen Christiaens.

To date, we have posted over 200 industry articles on LED curing, and we are looking forward to our members to contributing to the unique content of the UV LED Community by providing news, technical articles, and in joining the active discussions about UV LED applications.”

Join our web site now and help grow the UV LED Curing Community.

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