LMNS – Connecting the Dots

iJC joined the LMNS Group as Associate Expert for Product Development & Implementation

LMNS is an answer to the ever growing complexity in the visual communications and industrial inkjet printing industry, where there are so many parameters to think of when reviewing or starting up digital print production.

LMNS is now a team of 10 experts that jointly offers a full range of services in product and business development. We assist both manufacturers and print shops with finding the right elements, technology, suppliers and people, to improve their workflows.

Our team integrates the main three levels of building a profitable business:
– research and development
– engineering and implementation
– marketing and sales.

Our expertise spans industries such as textile (graphics, interior, clothing), packaging (plastics, corrugated, labels), glass (flat and hollow) and specialties (industrial, dedicated). In these industries, we connect the dots between media, coating, ink, software (e.g. workflow and RIP), pre- and post-treatment, color management and apply these to application requirements and customer expectations.

Should you ever need assistance with putting your product in front of the right audience, we gladly speak with you to further explore how we can be of service to you. Or, vice-versa, we may have a need for what you have to offer as part of our search to help our clients. We are always eager to learn whether there is an overlap.

More information can be found at: www.lmns.nl