How to optimize a Waveform

Industrial Inkjet Product and Business Development

Classroom-style sessions on Waveform creation and optimization

We have all asked ourselves; „What is a Waveform and why is it so important?“ Want to understand how they work, and why they are a necessary part of your inkjet development? The fundamentals of a waveform explains practical steps to go through the process of waveform creation for your ink.

Those that already know what a waveform is and how it is applied to the printhead can now consider how to optimize that waveform to get better jetting, using a general DropWatcher approach that applies to many printheads.

A step-by-step waveform optimization process description for a Dimatix Samba printhead will guide through the Optimization of a Waveforms.

In the coming weeks, several videos will be uploaded on waveform creation and optimization. WE will start in first sessions, with relinking to existing information material by ImageXpert and will end with a presentation of work done on a Ricoh Gen 5 Print Head. In this final phase we will look into how the transfer of classes could be transferred into practical work ourselves and which issues we faced during this creation and optimization phases. For any comments our requests, please do contact me.