EIE – ESMA Inkjet Essentials

Classroom training

Participants will receive insights in the piezo inkjet process and accompanying topics such as ink design, printhead specifications, curing techniques, system integration and colour management. All information is presented in a neutral fashion and the theoretical sessions are interspersed with hands-on practical sessions in which some of the topics are highlighted in small teams.

In-depth overview

The main focus is put on all aspects that have to be taken into account when someone longs to integrate a digital inkjet printing process in an industrial production line. The participants will be able to decide for themselves if and to what level inkjet printing technologies can be applied in their own production process chain.

Practical training

The practical training will be offered in small teams (max. 3-4 people) and will highlight some of the topics that are discussed in the theoretical part. Each of the practical sessions will end with a question or task that is to be tackled by the teams in order to stimulate the assimilation of the subject matters. At the end of the course some time will be foreseen to go over these questions in group and to discuss the answers in an interactive way.