EIE – ESMA Inkjet Essentials

Classroom training

Participants will receive insights in the piezo inkjet process and accompanying topics such as ink design, printhead specifications, curing techniques, system integration and colour management. All information is presented in a neutral fashion and the theoretical sessions are interspersed with hands-on practical sessions in which some of the topics are highlighted in small teams.

In-depth overview

The main focus is put on all aspects that have to be taken into account when someone longs to integrate a digital inkjet printing process in an industrial production line. The participants will be able to decide for themselves if and to what level inkjet printing technologies can be applied in their own production process chain.

Practical training

The practical training will be offered in small teams (max. 3-4 people) and will highlight some of the topics that are discussed in the theoretical part. Each of the practical sessions will end with a question or task that is to be tackled by the teams in order to stimulate the assimilation of the subject matters. At the end of the course some time will be foreseen to go over these questions in group and to discuss the answers in an interactive way.

ESMA ACADEMY (Deutsch) – 1. – 4. April 2019

Die ESMA ACADEMY findet erneut in den Laborräumen am Fraunhofer Institut und der HdM Stuttgart statt vom 1. – 4. April 2019

Relevante Praxis und Basis Know-How für industrielle Inkjet Anwendungen

Die ESMA Experten Jochen Christiaens und Oliver Kammann organisieren im Namen der ESMA, in Kooperation mit dem Fraunhofer IPA Institut und die Hochschule der Medien erneut die industrielle Inkjet Akademie mit Hands-On und Basis Know-How zu den Themen Geometrie und Grenzen der Piezo Druckkopf Technologie, Tinten und Substrate, Farbmanagement und Herausforderungen im industriellen Anlagenbau. www.esma.com/akademie

ESMA ACADEMY German and English versions in 2018

ESMA ACADEMY:  9. –  12. April 2018 (Deutsch/German)

Relevante Praxis und Basis Know-How für industrielle Inkjet Anwendungen

Die ESMA Experten Jochen Christiaens und Oliver Kammann organisieren erneut in Kooperation mit dem Fraunhofer IPA Institut und die Hochschule der Medien  die Hands-On und Basis Know-How Akademie zum Thema industrieller Digitaldruck.

Bei Interesse kontaktieren Sie uns, oder melden sich hier direkt an.


An English Version of the ESMA ACADEMY is scheduled for November 2018!

Practical and basic know-how for industrial inkjet applications

The ESMA experts Jochen Christiaens and Oliver Kammann, are organizing the second edition of the Hands-On and Basis Know-How Academy in cooperation with the Fraunhofer IPA Institute and the Hochschule der Medien, on the subject of industrial digital printing and invite you for the english course scheduled for November 2018.

The ESMA ACADEMY is aimed for people 
• requiring a solid overview of digital printing technologies, especially piezo inkjet, who want to decide if and in which Framework inkjet printing or another digital printing technology can be meaningfully for their manufacturing processes.
• seeking neutral and basic know-how about inkjet technology or want to get into inkjet printing and will need to make investment decisions based on their technological knowledge.
• planning an entry into inkjet printing or already have made, but are still at the beginning.

Get practical information in theory and hands-on sessions on:
Ink characterization, determine important print parameters, drying mechanisms and cleaning of print head, print unit design and process peripherals, influencing factors on print quality, print quality evaluation, color management

In case of questions or registration do not hesitate to contact us.
(An English version of the site will follow later on the year)


Nur noch wenige Plätze verfügbar (26.10.2017)

Die ESMA ACADEMY findet  am 6. – 9. November 2017 in den Laborräumen am Fraunhofer Institut, Stuttgart statt.

Relevante Praxis und Basis Know-How für industrielle Inkjet Anwendungen

Die ESMA Experten Jochen Christiaens und Oliver Kammann organisieren in Kooperation mit dem Fraunhofer IPA Institut und die Hochschule der Medien die erste Ausgabe der Hands-On und Basis Know-How Akademie zum Thema industrieller Digitaldruck.

Schulung / Fortbildung mit Praxisteil

Der Workshop ist eine Schulung/ Fortbildung mit umfangreichem Praxisanteil. Die Teilnehmern wird ein Basis-Know-how über Piezo-Inkjet und ein Überblick über weitere Digitaldruckverfahren vermittelt. Die Darstellung ist Hersteller-neutral, Vor- und Nachteile werden dargestellt, Probleme nicht verschwiegen. Details finden Sie im Programm.

Fundierter Überblick

Zielsetzung 1: Einen fundierten Überblick zu bekommen über allgemeine Digitaldrucktechnologien und insbesondere Piezo-Inkjet, um entscheiden zu können, ob und in welchem Rahmen in ihren Fertigungsabläufen Piezo-Inkjet oder eine andere Digitaldrucktechnik sinnvoll eingesetzt werden kann.


Zielsetzung 2: Ein Basis-Know-how über die Piezo-Inkjet-Technologie zu erhalten, um in den Inkjet-Druck in ihrer Firma einsteigen und Investitionsentscheidungen treffen zu können. Diese Firmen planen einen Einstieg in den Piezo-Inkjet oder haben ihn bereits gemacht, stehen aber noch am Anfang.

Bei Interesse kontaktieren Sie uns, oder melden sich hier direkt an.

4th Edition of The Inkjet Conference to become biggest ever!

TheIJC 2017 is the 4th edition of the world’s biggest meeting point for all involved in inkjet engineering and inkjet chemistry: OEMs, suppliers, integrators, engineers, developers, chemists, researchers and brand owners. A platform for new projects, partnerships between industry and research, TheIJC is leading the way for those that are building the future.

Date: 24-25 October 2017

Venue: Swissotel Düsseldorf

JOIN VIA: http://theijc.com

Watch the Promo Video TheIJC for first impressions.
Or mail me: j.christiaens@inkjet-consulting.de for any questions.




The UV LED community is increasing its number of members in Europe

In just a few years, the UV LED Community has reached over 100 members. This shows the growing interest and the acceptance of UV LED technology in a wide range of applications. Now uvledcommunity.org is getting some additional support in Europe to increase its reach and to promote the adoption of UV LED technology.

Members who join the Community are key players in advocating for of UV LED in various fields. Members include suppliers of materials, resins, photo-initiators, adhesives, inks, coatings, equipment, measurement and end-systems. These companies have the common goal of accelerating the adoption of the LED curing technology through education and knowledge sharing.

Following the rapid growth of UV LED solutions in Europe, the UV LED Community will now be supported locally by Jochen Christiaens, European site editor. Jochen will be assisting local suppliers and manufacturers to promote the community site and grow the number of new members (membership is free to qualified suppliers and end users of LED technology).

The Community website is an educational forum that enables participants to share their knowledge of UV LED curing technologies, applications and chemistry, as well as to exchange news and information.

The Community has two primary goals:
• To provide a forum for UV LED curing conversations.
• To foster communication between suppliers and consumers of UV LED solutions.

“As an advocate of UV LED curing technology for years, I have been involved in the development of various inkjet printing projects for over 15 years. It is a great pleasure and honor to be part of educating the market and support the UV LED technology, and help growing the community web site,” said European site editor Jochen Christiaens.

To date, we have posted over 200 industry articles on LED curing, and we are looking forward to our members to contributing to the unique content of the UV LED Community by providing news, technical articles, and in joining the active discussions about UV LED applications.”

Join our web site now and help grow the UV LED Curing Community.

Contact me for any questions .

iJC presenting @ESMA Industrial Printing Academy

Mai 2017

ESMA’s Academy on industrial digital printing

ESMA Academy will take place at Fraunhofer IPA laboratories

In cooperation with Fraunhofer IPA, Hochschule der Medien and with sponsorship support from Global Inkjet Systems, ESMA launches the brand new Academy project to offer basis know-how and certified hands-on training in industrial printing techniques. The first course is offered in German, focuses on inkjet and takes place on 3-6 July 2017 at Fraunhofer IPA facilities in Stuttgart.

The lab capacity is limited to 21 participants.

Find the detailed course agenda, current dates and an online registration form at www.esma.com/academy

Connecting the dots with LMNS

December, 2016

Inkjet Consulting Christiaens cooperation with LMNS Group

LMNS offers expert advice to those seeking support with setting up their operations. And LMNS goes beyond the mere advisory and consultancy: LMNS offers assistance with finding answers, people and technology to make it all easier.

LMNS is a combination of independent industry experts that have a track record in the graphic arts, print production and visual communication arena.

LMNS LinkedIn Company Page