Industrial Inkjet Product and Business Development

Classroom-style sessions on Waveform creation and optimization

As part of our contribution of education in the industrial piezo inkjet printing industry, we will post content and video courses on drop formation, on waveform creation and optimization, parameters in selecting the right print head and analyzing print quality.
We will start with first sessions, which are taught by ImageXpert. In the end we will present results of our own route in optimizing droplets and waveforms on a Ricoh Gen 5 Print Head.
In this final phase we will look at the development of our knowledge curve and which issues we faced during these phases.

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Educational Courses



is a consultancy company with high level expertise in inkjet chemistry development, setting up digital printing workflow processes, color management and building reliable, high quality and efficient solutions for industrial and graphical inkjet printing applications.

Besides his vast network of manufacturers and suppliers and his technological know-how iJC offers commercial and marketing skills for New Business and Product Development for a range of industrial inkjet printing applications.

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